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Delux el arco - Sightseeing & snorkeling

2 Hours

Booking Request: 2hrs Delux el arco - sightseeing & snorkeling


Once you receive your request invoice confirm with payment to secure your date and time with in 1/2 a day..

Once you send your pay pal payment please confirm you sent payment with by sending an email to


​To Reserve a tour:

Step 1: You pick your tour click book button and fill out the form 

Step 2: We review the time and date with the Captain and answer any questions

Step 3: Please understand we take reservations daily. You need to pay to reserve your date and time.

(Cruise Ship days book quickly)

Step 4: We send a request invoice for you to pay through Pay Pal to reserve your date and time.

(We cannot hold your tour request time without payment)

Step 5: Confirmation e mail will follow once we received your payment to confirm your date and time of your reservation.

Step 6: Enjoy your Tour!

NOTE: Your tour is NOT CONFIRMED until payment/deposit is made. Payment MUST be made to RESERVE your tour.

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